The Muppets That Look Like John Krasinski Series is Scarily Accurate

The Tumblr blog 'Muppets That Look Like John Krasinski' compares The Office star with these famous puppets.

The blog, started by fans Jenn and Taylor, states their reason behind the Krasinski-devoted blog is that "someone had the brilliant idea to match John Krasinski’s face to muppets. So, ta-da! there’s a blog for that."

From comparisons to Kermit the Frog and the likes of furry Muppet Animal (my favorite of the Muppets crew), the Muppets That Look Like John Krasinski blog proves that Krasinski indeed looks like a Muppet. One comparison even shows Krasinski with wife Emily Blunt and compares it to Miss Piggy and Kermit, who truly are a perfect couple.

Implications - Absurdity has the ability to go viral on the Internet so businesses that are looking for some extra online attention should head this notion. Consumers crave brands that don't take themselves too seriously (as proven by the successful and viral Old Spice campaigns).