This Work by Evan Wondolowski is Made From US Bills

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: theartofe & thisiscolossal
These intricate money-made portraits by Evan Wondolowski are captivating. 'Currency Collage' includes four portraits made from thousands of strips of real US currency. The artist has painstakingly glued shredded money to each canvas with news print backgrounds. This daunting process took hundreds of hours. Each pricey portrait took at least a month to produce.

His process involved taking the time to create a stenciled base, so he was assured that no time was wasted. These mesmerizing money portraits are especially befitting since each subject is a celebrity.

These cash crazy celebrities include Biggie, Colbert, Obama and Franklin. Obama’s portrait is a little different from the rest of the collection, and instead of cash it’s made out of United States Lincoln head pennies.

These celebs certainly make captivating collages.