Prageeth Manohansa Exhibits an Astounding Collection of Creatures

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: galeriesteph & lostateminor
Created from an amalgamation of scrap metal and junk yard finds, the animal sculptures by artist Prageeth Manohansa are massively impressive.

From large animals such as moose and bulls, to the smaller critters including schools of fish, this collection of scrap metal statues is extensive as it covers a broad range of creatures from the animal kingdom. Gathering found objects and various mechanical components, the artist gives his statues a very robotic appearance that is very steampunk and rugged at the same time, like a zoo full of futuristic machine animals.

Artist Prageeth Manohansa places his scrap metal animal sculptures in natural settings so that they appear to be lounging on the grass or walking through trees to enhance the strange juxtaposition of nature and metal.