The 'Hipster In Stone' Series Redresses Classic Statues

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: leocaillard & itsnicethat
Instantly modernizing old marble statues, photographer Léo Caillard dressed sculptures in modern garb in the 'Hipster In Stone' collection. Caillard found classical statues and then dressed them in vintage clothing. Each statue was placed in a set of clothing including sunglasses, button-up shirts, cargo shorts and rolled-up jeans. The resulting photos are hilarious. Each statue is instantly made to look obnoxious instead of dignified.

The Hipster In Stone series explores the line between our perception of past and current styles. By placing statues in humorous clothing, Caillard made the artworks infinitely more relatable. However, the added familiarity removes the dignified looks that the sculptures once had. Since some of the statues have unnatural poses, the loss of authority prompts them to become ridiculous.