Onania by Jan Manski Utilizes Gruesome Materials

 - Sep 15, 2012
References: janmanski & frameweb
Onania by Jan Manski is an exhibit that explores the dark side of beauty.

Utilizing organic materials from post-liposuction procedures, this exhibit is a horrifying showcase of avant-garde sculpture. Each shape created by the artist is fascinating in its unapologetically gruesome approach. The statues are terrifying hybrids of mannequin and fat attained from liposuction. With such sinister materials, the work is inescapably absorbing.

"Onania hosts an alternate reality and fertile breeding ground for mankind’s most despicable modern habits," says the artist of his work. It is meant to highlight the effects of vanity in capitalist culture. This bold statement showcases the disfigured and often twisted side of society's desperation for beauty. A gory and shocking commentary, Onania encourages self-reflection.