The Strange Taxidermy Art by Les Deux Garcons Conjoins Animals

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: & lustik.tumblr
This strange taxidermy art by Les Deux Garçons shows four-legged animals of the same species conjoined. The range of work depicts animals of all ages, from foals to full-grown deer with antlers. The animals are conjoined at their midsections; if they were alive, their movement would be completely inhibited.

Taxidermy can be creepy enough on its own, and the combination of animals that are stitched together and dressed with ribbons, hats and neckpieces, does not make the pieces any less unsettling. Despite the presentation of the animals, the surreal sculptures have disturbingly dark titles that translate into names like 'The Bed of the Enemy,' and the 'Impossible Escape.' Even though these animals are wrapped with precious packaging, names like these make a sobering statements on animal hunting and taxidermy.