Hillhock is a Pig-Shaped Couch and Sculpture

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: etsy & buzzfeed
Hillhock, the massive pig sculpture, is also a fully functional couch. "You're not going crazy, there's really a giant swine in my living room" is what you'll be telling guests if you had Hillhock set in your house.

What's really extraordinary about Hillhock is the detail that was given to this porky seat. Hillhock comes complete with a curly tail, a wrinkled snout, hooves and taxidermy eyes. Hillhock's skin is made out of dusty pink velvet and pink satin.

This would definitely be an interesting piece of furniture to bring into your home. Hillhock would add a bizarre farmhouse feel to your interior decor that is nothing if not unique. Fit for a single person, the Hillhock is the perfect perch for pigging out while watching the Food Network.