Sebastien Preschoux's Work Looks to Be Glowing in the Dark

 - May 30, 2012
References: m-vs-m & hypebeast
Sebastien Preschoux, an artist and designer based in Paris, France, has created another crop of intricate string installations. Although known for his geometric drawings, which took the art industry by storm of couple of years ago, his latest thread sculptures steal the show. Interacting with nature and abandoned buildings, Sebastien Preschoux's strings line the spaces in a bold and vibrant way.

Beautifully graphic, as though created through the use of a computer program, Sebastien Preschoux's art installations create sweeping shapes that transform the environment they are erected in. Nevertheless, he says, "My work is based on the 'not use of the machine' for the realization of all works." Photographer Ludovic le Couster immortalizes the pieces in such a way that they each look to be glowing in the dark.