These Roomba Light Paintings Were Created Using Vacuum Cleaners

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: petapixel & thisiscolossal
These Roomba light paintings are colorful and unique, but more so in how they are made than what they actually look like. Neon lights are immediately attractive to the eye, and many artists use them in creative and interesting ways to create collections of images that are artistically appealing.

This imaginative group of artists, who hail from Germany and go by the name 'Roomba Art Group,' have found a way to make housecleaning exciting by using LEDs and affixing them to the top of their roombas. The result are these amazing long exposure photographs. The roomba itself is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner, capable of navigating itself around any living space and its obstacles. This brilliant art form takes the innovation to a whole other level.

Implications - Art can take many different forms, each of which appeal to a different type of consumer. Art forms that use familiar household items, recyclable materials and everyday objects are popular among buyers who are impressed by the seemingly endless ways that artists find to use them.