The Components of the Ginkgo Umbrella Can Be Dismantled and Recycled

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: facebook & ginkgoumbrella
The ‘Ginkgo Umbrella’ is a fresh redesign of an everyday product that has an extremely low impact on the environment. Italian designers Federico Venturi, Gianluca Savalli and Marco Righi, came up with the concept for the Ginkgo after three years of research. The beautifully designed umbrella is made from 100% polypropylene and it’s individual components mean it can be taken apart and recycled once the umbrella has had its day.

Most umbrellas on the market today are made from a combination of wood, metal and plastics and need to be properly dismantled before being recycled. Most of these umbrellas are never dismantled and instead end up in our landfills. The designers have also revealed that they have cut the production steps down by 80%, making the entire business venture a commendably green one.