The 'AfroSol' Umbrellas By Claire Homewood are Vibrant and Festive

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: afrosollove.blogspot & lostateminor
A festive line of handcrafted umbrellas has come to light by the name of 'AfroSol' by Claire Homewood. These colorful, vibrant creations were born in the deep south and are perfect for the African sun.

Created using various materials strung together with wire and a bamboo stick as the handle, Claire works together with a Zimbabwean wire artists to create these stunning and essential parasols. Each umbrella is decorated using a slew of fun fabrics and beads meshed together, so that each umbrella is unlike the other.

Homewood is a well-rounded artist, working in all aspects of mural paintings, creative facilitation and film. AfroSol has been in development for over three years now and Homewood hopes to see it grow and blossom into a thriving business.