You'll Be Super Cool With This "Fan-Tastic" Fanbrella Umbrella

 - May 26, 2011
References: hammacher & dvice
The Fanbrella umbrella solves this stormy situation! It's well-known that umbrellas are shielding shelters in showers and storms; however, in humid heat they are quite useless. This "fan-tastic" shower-shield fights fierce downpours while also minimizing stuffy storm air. The Fanbrella umbrella is the structural design as a traditional umbrella, yet has a very cool added feature. Underneath the canopy a small fan is attached to the umbrella's handle; when switched on, this tiny fan blows cool air on the users head. Since the fan is so small, no one is able to see it from the outside, and you can discreetly cool down in style.

The Fanbrella umbrella is ideal for scoring summer showers and will keep you dry and cool!