Gulliver by Sywawa is an Oversized Parasol that Can Serve to Furnish Bars

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: & furnitureserved
Inspired by the archetypal umbrella with its curled cane handle, Gulliver by Sywawa is a magnified version that features a stabilizing stand and a small round table at its middle. The designer had Gulliver's Travels in mind when this product was dreamed up, symbolizing a journey during which exaggerated objects were discovered.

Made with waterproof fabric that's fairly opaque, the parasol offers great shelter outdoors from the rain and the sun alike. It opens up to provide broad coverage and would furnish decks and patios fittingly. Gulliver by Sywawa would prove particularly useful outside of cafes and bars, providing a small but sufficient surface on which several people could place their drinks. The object would bring a bit of whimsicality to the decor.