These Windproof Umbrellas Can Withstand the Deadliest of Storms

 - May 13, 2013
References: rainshader & gizmag
It's common for umbrellas to turn inside-out during strong storms, especially if they aren't windproof umbrellas, but these umbrellas from Rainshader were made to withstand hurricanes.

The ‘Rainshader’ provides people an umbrella that can withstand almost any wind force. Designed by Stephen Collier, this helmet-shaped umbrella can hold its own through wind speeds up to 60km/h—that’s basically a tiny hurricane. The umbrella’s design makes it nearly impossible for it to turn inside-out.

The construction of this umbrella included the most important factor in umbrella designs -- it won’t poke people in the eye. The frame of the umbrella was also taken into consideration; instead of steel, the makers outfitted it with fiber glass, which makes the umbrella less likely to conduct electricity during thunder storms.