From Ice Cream Flotation Devices to Medieval Splash Toys

 - Jun 24, 2014
When it gets too hot to be outside, jumping in the water and making use of some summer pool toys is the best way to fun and cool off at the same time. No matter if you'd rather lounge on a flotation device and just dip your feet in the water, or find it more fun to get yourself (and those around you) totally soaked, there are plenty of activities and toys suited to one or more.

While there are tons of outrageous inflatable pool toys in every shape and size imaginable, there are also those that bring the comforts of the indoors out and into the water, such as with water tables, inflatable TVs and bars. Although these kinds of toys are larger than life when inflated, that's the beauty of them, since they can be easily tucked away when the seasons change.