This Aquatic Tables Lets You and Your Friends Relax on the Water

 - Feb 16, 2014
References: thisiswhyimbroke
When you're up at the lake, sometimes it's hard to decide whether you want to sit and relax or play in the water, but with this floating water table you can do a bit of both.

This inflatable table seats four people and provides a sturdy surface for all your summertime activities. You can play card games, have a light snack or chill out with some fancy refreshing drinks while floating on water all day. If you get bored of sitting around, you can jump into the water and swim around until you get tired, then hop up and sit back down on the cushioned seats.

This floating water table is great for you and your friends at your next camping trip or visit to the lake and it adds a little more fun to your relaxation bout.