Sub Jumpa Pogo Stick

 - Sep 25, 2008
References: hammacher & inventorspot
Many of us can remember the pogo sticks we received as toys when we were young. They were fun to jump around in and children love seeing how many jumps they can make before they fall off. Now they can still have fun with pogo sticks, but in the pool with Sub Jumpa, the world’s first underwater pogo stick.

Jumping on the pool bottom will be trickier than on land as the jumper will have to work with the buoyancy factor! The pogo stick is enjoyable for all ages.  Kids will love the extra splashing jumping in the shallow end although they will need supervision when jumping in deeper water.

Jumpers stand on the non-slip footrest which fits over a rigid ball filled with water. Sub jumpa is made from heavy duty ABS plastic with rubber handles. It costs $60.