These Mini Inflatables are More for Adults Than Children

 - Jul 21, 2011
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It is scorching hot outside and that means getting to a beach or pool stat would be ideal, but you don’t want to just rush there without preparing for this excursion properly; enter the Mini Inflatables. This is the perfect beach toy to have on hand. A life-sized mini convertible, it will have you zooming into those waves in no time. For the less adventurous, you can simply lie in its inflated embrace to get a tan while out on the water.

Although kids will also want to clamor inside the Mini Inflatables, I wouldn’t be surprised if their parents refuse to give up their seats. The Mini Inflatables do have a sophisticated look that will prove irresistible to adults.

Created by Access Agency, the Mini Inflatables were presented during the Mini Indoor Drive-in cinema for the new Countryman in Italy.