The Inverted Umbrella is Ideal for Busy Rainy Commutes

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: yankodesign
The inverted umbrella keeps you dry both in and outside from the stormy weather with its ingenious folding design. The umbrella looks ordinary at first, but the real magic happens when it's time to folding things up.

Designers Ahn Il-Mo, Kim Tae-Han and Seo Dong-Han sought to solve the age old problem of what to do after you've weathered the storm. The umbrella is designed to fold inwards, keeping the wet side in and the dry side out. Rain is always a hassle during the busy rush hour, as everyone carefully holds onto their parasols to prevent soaking neighboring commuters. Despite the precautionary measures, the inevitable splashing is bound to happen.

Keep your floors and your pants from becoming victims of rainy day woes with the inverted umbrella.