From Brass Knuckle-Inspired Umbrellas to Portable Mini Dryers

 - Aug 18, 2013
It's been an unusually wet summer, but these awesome rainy day items can help people stay dry. This list includes lots of stylish multitasking umbrellas, rain boots and other devices to help people dry off.

The transparent rain boots have bright yellow laces, but are otherwise completely see-through. These neat boots will protect your feet from rain while exposing them to the public, which is kind of interesting.

Portable mini dryers won't help people to stay try, but they will assist them in drying off, which is also great. These small drying devices are described as being able to dry off anything, anywhere. They're perfect for drying off clothes and shoes after getting caught in the rain.

The newspaper rain bag is easy to carry around and designed to look like (you guessed it) a newspaper. When it starts to rain, one simply has to throw the rain bag above their head, and the rain will roll right off.

These handy must-haves will help people beat the rainy day blues.