The London Vintage Map Umbrella Keeps You From Getting Wet or Lost

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: fancy
If you are absolutely obsessed with both London and cute rain gear, then the London Vintage Map Umbrella is perfect for you.

This umbrella looks like a simple, minimalist black umbrella from afar, but when looked at closer up, you'll notice that a gorgeously detailed vintage map of London spans its entire underside. The umbrella's vintage feel is further enhanced by its sleek wooden handle that looks not unlike Mary Poppins's iconic rain shield.

Made of Beech wood and brass, this umbrella is a far cry from the easily breakable plastic contraptions that most people purchase from their local drugstore while battling an unexpected downpour. With this antique-esque umbrella, users will be able to show off their classic taste and love of all things handmade, proving that olden styles are not dead.