The Clock Parasol by Kota Nezu Cleverly Tells the Time

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: 691236 & ohgizmo
There is something archaically cool about the Clock Parasol. It is essentially a shade-providing sundial that you can tote around on hot summer days for at least two glaringly obvious and practical reasons.

Conceived by Japanese designer Kota Nezu, the Clock Parasol requires that you know your north, south, east and west directions so that you can accurately determine the time. Therefore, a handy compass is embedded into the umbrella's handle.

Once you position yourself so that north points right at you, you then proceed to read the clever number grid graphic on the Clock Parasol. The vertical lines represent the hours and the horizontal lines indicate the Summer and Winter solstice and the Spring and Autumn equinox.

Priced at roughly $35, the Clock Parasol is a unique umbrella.