Aiguille Headgear Offers Aerodynamics, Protection and Comfort

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: mathiashintermann & tuvie
The development of optimal sporting gear is a very particular science. The equipment must not hinder its wearer through discomfort, or by causing him or her to sacrifice any speed or range of motion. The Aiguille Headgear concept is a prime example of a very well-designed helmet.

Intended for athletes who are engaged in short track speed skating, the product is compact, lightweight and comprised of many protective layers to reduce injury during falls and collisions at high velocities. Flexible silicone and memory foam can be found inside, absorbing shock while maintaining a sufficiently firm shape.

A carbon nano-tube cloth is made into a neckband with a connection around the collarbone to steer clear of the awkward chinstrap. Mathias Hintermann's Aiguille Headgear is even outfitted with e-ink panels over the ears to display numbers, logos and flags.