Elektrobiblioteka by Waldek Wegrzyn Combines E-Books with Bound Ones

The Elektrobiblioteka by Waldek Wegrzyn is a unique hybrid between a classic book and an electronic one. As convenient as e-books are in terms of portability and accessibility, it still does not compare to the tactile sensation of reading a real book. Some may chock it up to nostalgia, but the fact that such companies are continually trying to get their e-inks to replicate real inks shows that it goes deeper than that.

As the final project for his masters degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Elektrobiblioteka by Waldek Wegrzyn takes the form of a bound book, complete with covers and pages. Nevertheless, it connects to a companion website, converting into an interface that provides a digital experience with every turn of a page.