Generation GLAMOUR Unveils Cat Concept Store to Celebrate Feline Fashion

 - Sep 10, 2013
References: generationglamour
For New York Fashion Week 2013, 'Generation GLAMOUR' is celebrating cat-fashion through its cat concept store. Combined with the store is a cleverly made Instagram campaign that asks people to take part in the feline festivities by posting their own pictures with #GLAMOURCATS attached to it.

These types of digital marketing campaigns are a great way to get consumers to interact with the brand. New York Fashion Week 2013 is a big deal, but with a playful campaign like this, GLAMOUR is heavily targeting a younger market segment. This is the main purpose of the 'Generation GLAMOUR' website, which specifically pumps out campaigns designed to include a different demographic.

With interactive digital campaigns such as this one, GLAMOUR is sure to influence the market. Social media is a wonderful avenue for not only reaching global markets, but also for expanding a brand and creating entirely new associations.