The Social Media -Savvy 'J’Espère Que Tu Vas Bien' Poster Ca

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: instagramers & fastcocreate
The 'J’Espère Que Tu Vas' poster campaign was initiated by director David La Haye who collaborated with the Instagramers Montreal collective to create the world's first ever promo effort to fully utilize the social networking tool.

The Montreal group was asked to take 87 pictures using Instagram to give a filtered-rendition of the 87 minute movie. The Photowalk went up on display at the Montreal Excentris movie theatre for the premiere. Though the film was previewed before the showing through a very specific and specialized lens, the single snapshots are a novel way to pique interest. The comic book strip-like tactic will make movie-goers interested in seeing where these pictures are found in the movie and see how it would actually relates to the actual plot.

With trailers and posters being the dominant forms of film promotion, it is interesting to see how the like of Instagram can shake up the scene.