These Mario Gonzalez Fashion Illustrations are Creatively Chic

These Mario Gonzalez fashion illustrations resemble colorful magazine-made collages. The innovative artist creates expressive and vivid drawings, using a mix of simple markers and colored pencils as his primary medium.

Gonzales gains visual inspiration from the world of high fashion, recreating legendary ad campaigns, runway show images and alluring editorial photoshoots. After completing his figurative drawings, the artist stamps his work with a slew of organic, floral and nature-infused forms. The vibrant art pieces shine a spotlight on fashionable iconography, allowing the illustrator's signature style to come through in each striking portrait.

These spirited and lively Mario Gonzalez fashion illustrations stimulate the eye. Exuding an energetic air, the surreal style collages pay homage to fashionable imagery, first made popular through artful photography.