Hayden Williams Depicts Stylish Stars in Impressive Drawing Series

Fashion drawings often put emphasis on the clothing, and the same can be said of Hayden Williams’ artwork, but who can honestly focus solely on the apparel in these illustrations when they’re all star-studded? Rendering some of the biggest fashion icons in the world, Williams has amazing talent in capturing the likeness of celebrities without resorting to too much detail. Among the big names featured in his work are Beyonce, the Kardashian sisters, the Olsen twins, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, Amy Winehouse and more.

For those unacquainted, Hayden Williams is a young fashion illustrator based in London, UK. His personal blog literally houses hundreds of awe-inspiring fashion drawings with designs inspired by anything from video game characters to Disney princesses. Williams hopes to, as explained on his blog, conquer, "the world one fashion sketch at a time."