The Anne-Marie Jones Illustrations are Stylishly Manly

The illustrations by Anne-Marie Jones for the StyleSalvage A/W 2012 men collection are fascinatingly fashionable. The British artist beautifully captures runaways as the center of creation of inexplicable elegance and stylish aesthetics.

Her subjects are particularly thin and elongated, with slightly deformed limbs and expressive faces, which makes her sketches intriguing and unique. Jones' delicate brushstrokes illustrate the texture and patterns of the outfits; she gracefully paints every cut and detail of the collection. Moreover, she knows what colors to use in order to show how the ensembles are related to one another.

Anne-Marie Jones has an impressive talent to absorb the essence of each garment and line to give it its own artsy representation on paper. Through her illustrations, she reminds fashionistas why fashion is all about art.