The Fernando Vicente Fashion Series Showcases Classic Sophistication

The Fernando Vicente 'Fashion' image series features an set of gorgeous and retro-themed portraits that pay homage to vintage womenswear. Exuding an air of undeniable sophistication, the artist's fashion illustration series revives a retro art and style aesthetic.

Whether showcasing the perfect red dress in a girl's wardrobe or highlighting an array of bold bow design details, the Fernando Vicente 'Fashion' illustration series is a nod to past era elegance that is seldom seen in our modern world.

Embracing a retro fashion aesthetic, the artist depicts glamorous female subjects who sport a wardrobe enriched with vintage fashions. These feminine styles range from over-the-top evening gowns and voluminous capelets to streamlined suit sets and exaggerated turban headpiece accessories that are each guaranteed to inspired today's fashion lovers.