Mercedes deBellard Renders Girls with Chic Glasses

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: mdebellard.blogspot & lacarpa.tumblr
The women in these Mercedes deBellard illustrations are beautiful on their own, but many of them choose to sport avant garde glasses that elevate their attractiveness to new levels. Their frames come equipped with outlandish and daring patterns that even the most eccentric people in society would have a difficult time pulling off; however, deBellard makes them an integral part of each of her subjects, almost helping to better convey each girl’s personalities.

Mercedes deBellard is from Granada and her illustrative style blends pencil drawing with watercolor painting techniques. She often renders females in the nude, highlighting their curves. Also noteworthy about her style is the way she draws hair. DeBellard ignores value and chooses to render in thick strands, showing the motion and waves of her subjects’ lovely locks.