Katerina Kosterina's 'Inspired by hair' Shows Bearded Beauties

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: facebook & kosterina.blogspot
Katerina Kosterina is a young fashion illustrator and designer based out in Chisinau, Moldova. Now, she is a student at Art Academy.

One of her latest fashion illustrations is inspired by hair in all its forms. Meet the bearded females and mustachioed men who look like women. Her works are really impressive, so it's better to watch out for the details.

Recently Katerina Kosterina shared on her blog the news on a strange circumstance that she met on TV, an embodiment of her own latest images: Andre J! A bearded man who wears women's clothes and does not care about his gender.

The central character in Katerina Kosterina's art series 'Inspired by hair' features an actual personal image along this collection. So it makes the next fashion trend even more active and clear, and the name androgynous is not enough already, maybe it's called menowoman.