From Fantasy Villain Footwear to Flesh-Eating Superhero Attire

 - May 16, 2013
In most movies, the character who grabs your attention, shocks you and makes you love to hate them is the bad guy. Movie villains have captured the hearts (and fears) of kids and adults alike, so it’s no wonder that a ton of wacky new products have been inspired by the pure evil that is the supervillain. These movie villain creations are functional tributes created by fans for the public’s use.

Some of these items are fashionable and fierce, such as ‘fantasy villain footwear’ which features shoes inspired by evil Disney queens. ‘Retired villain photography’ is a more satirical look at the movie villain, depicting evildoers after they’ve completed their evil deeds and settled into retirement.

These movie villain creations make it clear that villains have a lasting effect on moviegoers everywhere and will continue to pervade pop culture until the last villain bites the dust.