Chris Faccone Illustrates Batman Foes in a Corpse-like Fashion

The likes of Harley Quinn and Joker from the Batman animated series are scary enough on their own, but Chris Faccone decided to up the ante by rendering the two menacing villains as decaying corpses. Even in such a cartoony style, Faccone’s work is still rather frightening to look at as flies buzz around the rotting and missing flesh of Gotham’s clown-themed criminals. Splattered blood, torn costumes and eyeballs falling out of sockets complete the look of these foes. It’s a fate worst than a lifetime in prison in my opinion.

Chris Faccone is a comic book artist currently based in New Jersey. His portfolio is filled with skillfully executed images from within and outside the comic world, though they are all consistently rendered in a style similar to these drawings.