From Heroic Household Pressers to Superhero Sock Puppets

 - Jul 21, 2013
These strange superhero products are not the kind that you'd typically find at your local comic book store. Collectible action figures, comic books and replica super-suits are quite common, but these products mash-up iconic crime-fighting characters with strange objects -- including everything from salt shakers to seat belts.

Ordinary household items like kitchen utensils, irons and even rubber ducks become a whole lot more exciting when they're infused with the characteristics of a superhero. This helps to transform ordinary objects into awesome items equipped for combating the mundane.

Some of the most unexpected ordinary objects transformed into super-objects include inflatable superhero-shaped golf covers and belly rings. These are places you'd normally not expect to find anything comic book-related, but like a good superhero, they turn up in the most unexpected places.