Paul Capili Designs Marvel-Inspired Sunscreen Branding for 'Super Skin'

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: paulcapili & thedieline
Designer Paul Capili created this concept packaging design for the fictional sunscreen brand 'Super Skin.' The imagined company is affiliated with comic book heavyweight Marvel. The design pokes fun at the supposed impervious nature of your favourite superhuman heroes with a tagline that reads "even superheroes need protection from the sun's harmful rays."

The containers themselves were modelled after medicinal capsules. Capili gathered inspiration for the pill-like packaging from a common theme in the origin stories of most of Marvel's heroes: most got their powers through medical experiments gone wrong. Sadly, this sunscreen will not grant you an overnight six-pack and the ability to scale buildings with the greatest of ease, but it's superhuman protection will make it possible for you to walk on the sunny side of the street without looking like a lobster.

Give your skin superhuman sun-repelling strength with Paul Capili's 'Super Skin.'