The Batman Motion Clock Features Moving Arms and Legs

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: entertainmentearth & geekalerts
Fans of comic book heroes and crime-fighting characters will absolutely love this Batman Motion Clock, which creatively has the arms and legs of this iconic character moving in a swinging back-and-forth motion.

While ordinary clocks are sufficient when it comes to simply telling the time, why not get a little quirky and display a clock that showcases your eclectic taste for these heroic characters? This superhero inspired timepiece features the internationally recognized Batman character, and showcases him with his fist extended out, as if he were about to punch out some villans. Not only does this nerdy clock play tribute to a fabulous comic book franchise, but its pendulum swinging feature serves to bring this comic book hero to life.

Whether you're a fan of the Batman comic book series or are just looking for a quirky clock to hang in your room, this superhero-shaped design is sure to turn heads the next time someone looks up to see the time.