David Rodriguez Renders Batman's Enemies in Horrifying Style

If Batman’s rogues gallery never sent chills down your spine before, they will after you view these David Rodriguez illustrations. Rendering the likes of Joker, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and Scarecrow in a nightmarish manner, these images feel as though you’re experiencing psychotic hallucinations from which there is no escape. The foreboding blackness that outlines each villainous visage sets the creepy atmosphere; it is then amplified by the vibrantly colored faces of the Dark Knight’s greatest enemies. It’s probably best you don’t browse these images right before bedtime.

David Rodriguez is an artist hailing from Spain, and many of his illustrations employ this fantastical visual style. His images feel textured due to his blending of painted graphics and photo manipulation. It gives the pictures in this gallery a crime scene-feel to them, which unnerves the viewer endlessly.