Adam Witton Depicts Cast of Mad Men as Batman Villains

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: & heyoscarwilde.tumblr
Adam Witton reasoned that if the cast of AMC’s Mad Men were indeed insane, then they would have no problem fitting right in with the misfits of Gotham City from the Batman franchise. As such, he decided to manipulate photos of Don Draper, Betty Draper, Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway to look like The Caped Crusader’s most dangerous villains. Somehow, Don Draper still manages to look good.

Among the antagonists that Adam Witton has morphed Mad Men’s cast into are Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. The characters selected for this series may have consciously been chosen to reflect one another in their respective stories. For instance, Don Draper, who’s known for living life to the fullest because of his nihilistic outlook on life, is similar to the Joker, who also commits crime on impulse due to his views on justice and the randomness of the world.