Steven Kline Adorns Wildlife with Chic Hipster Threads

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: society6 & lacarpa.tumblr
Continuing the fad of hipsterizing everything, Steven Kline has created a pictorial series featuring animals dressed in a variety of stylish clothing. Rhinoceroses in dress shirts, v-necks and ties as well as owls in knitted sweaters and dresses are only a couple of the absurd images you’ll encounter on Kline’s Society6 page. There’s something about the unusual pairing that magnetically draws viewers’ eyes to manipulated photos, and lucky for fans, Kline is selling prints of all his works.

Steven Kline crafted these images through advanced collage techniques, producing pictures that are mostly seamless and rich in narrative. He also has a habit of incorporating highly saturated geometric shapes into his compositions, complimenting the already psychedelic viewing experience of chic humanimal creatures. Textured filters were also applied to give his pictorials a vintage feel, despite the modern imagery.