Masako Miki Renders Wildlife Amid Psychedelic Geometric Landscapes

 - Feb 17, 2012
References: masakomiki & whokilledbambi
Looking through the eclectic art portfolio of Masako Miki, you quickly discover that she has a special affinity for deer in her renderings. Even more astonishing is the numerous ways she can depict the creature, as she’s drawn them using gouache and ink, stitched them onto slabs of leather and painted them in a myriad of ways. One of the many peculiar series of images she has produced, which you’re currently enjoying, feature deer in psychedelic landscapes filled with geometric shapes and prismatic colors. The meaning of the images escapes me, but there’s no denying how magnetic they are nevertheless.

Masako Miki is a Berkeley-based artist, who was originally born in Osaka, Japan. Her ability to render realistic deer amid imaginative concepts is second to none, which is probably why her work has been exhibited in so many galleries within the state of California.