Psychic Land by '2veinte' is an Intergalactic Adventure

 - Apr 22, 2012
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Displaying a bizarre array of graphics, colors and creative characters, Psychic Land by '2veinte' is a mind-bending adventure. Directed by Pablo Gostanian, the animated short (clocking in under 2 minutes) includes the birth of psychic beings, the construction of a planetary fortress and an attack by a giant, purple space slug.

The star of the animation here is the graphics. Shapes and forms spontaneously appear and form themselves into intricate structures and otherworldly inhabitants. The animated short is reminiscent of a psychedelic video game, enticing audiences while at the same time making one feel as if they’ve entered an outlandish alternate reality.

Vibrant, energetic and compelling, Psychic Land by 2veinte is an impressive example of the potential for enticing animation.