Adam Psybe Plays with Visual Movement and Dimension

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: psybevisual.blogspot & sweet-station
The psychedelically colored imaginings of the self-taught painter Adam Psybe are sure to send your mind on a visual journey.

Looking like an intergalactic electrical storm, the paintings embody the essence of a science fictional landscape that has been melted down and warped into a bubbly mass. Floating imagery of vibrating electrical wire, gleaming scaly sculptures, twisted floating galaxies and more, it is difficult to pinpoint one narrative in this collection of paintings. It is much easier to stare at them for hours and let your mind get lost and carried away by the flow of lines that seem to put the images into motion.

The paintings created by Adam Psybe are mystical, Science-Fictional and incomprehensible, confusing you and entrancing you all at the same time.