These Chanel Baran Shoots are Colorful are Psychedelic

Chanel Baran is a fashion photographer by trade, but this didn't stop her from shooting a few underwater conceptual shots. Her photographs seem to be made of light rather than merely captured in it. In one shoot, silky blue fabric swirls underwater like the fins of some giant tropical fish. In another photograph, the lower half of a woman is shown wearing a dress that radiates a swirling kaleidoscope of colors.

Although dresses and fabrics are the subject of these shoots, one feels as though they are looking at sunset or waning twilight. The sense of color, of radiant light and twirling forms is palpable. To achieve such a visceral effect in photography is not an easy feat and Baran deserves credit for doing so. The fact that she was able to do this underwater is all the more impressive.