From Ethereal Mermaid Editorials to Sensual Shore Shoots

 - Oct 10, 2013
There's simply something magical about stories and folklore concerning underwater beings, and these stunning mermaid-inspired spreads are showcasing how fashion retailers are utilizing these surreal concepts to create wonderfully whimsical imagery.

Mermaids are one of those mythical entities that both children and adults seem fascinated by. Whether it was the Disney classic that sparked your interest or simply the aspect that there might be mystical creatures with tails lying within the sea, mermaids have become a very intriguing part of storytelling and fairytales. That's why there's no surprise as to why certain fashion retailers have utilized these mystical aquatic creatures to showcase their clothing in very bold and surreal ways.

From mermaid marketing campaigns to stylishly submerged shoots, these mermaid-inspired spreads will definitely have readers amazed by the combination of folklore and fashion.