Nebulae by Fabian Oefner are Photographs Made from Lamps

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: fabianoefner & laughingsquid
These timeless illustrations that look like a chromatic shot of outer space are actually made from simple home items and the series is entitled Nebulae by Fabian Oefner.

Oefner is a Zurich-based photographer who captured the essence of intergalactic wonders by using a fiber glass lamp. It's stunning to see these popular 1990s lamps transformed into beautiful photographs.

The images are made with long exposures with multiple fiber glass lamps moving about in a darkened room. The images were then duplicated and intensified in Photoshop where the cluster of lights look like space, making it seem as if NASA captured these photographs. Simple home items and digital manipulation can make ordinary objects look completely opposite. Oefner's psychedelic outer space images create a drastic effect that's vibrant and makes viewers think of space before thinking of fiber glass lamps.