Eugene Plotnikov Renders Abstract People with Trippy Motifs

 - Jul 26, 2012
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Psychedelic artistry is alive and well, as demonstrated by the works of Eugene Plotnikov. The young illustrator is already a master of creating bizarre images of otherworldly humanoids comprised of trippy elements. For instance, one of his images features a gasmask-wearing man with a ladder in his head holding a samurai sword that he’s heating up with a lighter as he’s also taking a footbath. If you thought that sentence was strange, expect to be even further perplexed by Plotnikov’s other masterpieces.

Eugene Plotnikov himself is a Melbourne, Australia-based artist with Russian roots. He’s currently studying to become a full-time illustrator and graphic designer, though many feel his abstract drawings and paintings already elevate him to professional status. His creations may appear deceptively simple, being reminiscent of notebook doodles, but simply try emulating any of his pieces and you’ll soon discover just how talented Plotnikov is.