The Vivid Work of Rami Niemi is Sprinkled with Ironic Humor

 - Oct 23, 2010   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: & vectroave
Rami Niemi is an artist from Finland's award-winning design agency, Pekka. His astonishingly imaginative portfolio includes an array of wildly original art, each sprinkled with a touch of hipster charm.

The characters depicted in the work of Rami Niemi often fit the hipster criteria; facial hair, sunglasses and technicolor clothing. Ultimately, the work of Rami Niemi is current and completely individualistic.

Implications - Hipster, scenesters, or whatever you want to call them have become pop cultural figures in their own right. The popularity of wayfarers, PBR and especially fashion has sparked interest in the artistic crowd. While these hip indie folks may not appeal to everyone, it's clear that they've caught the attention of artists and fashion designers alike. While they may not like being mainstream, it's unlikely that their influence will go away any time soon.