From Skinny Tie Sci-fi Villains to Pabst Blue Ribbon Rainbows

These pieces of hipster artwork reassure one that the skinny jeans, thick-rimmed glasses and indie band-loving fad is only continuing to grow. Artists have caught on that people love hipsters, so they have started creating pieces with this theme which attract massive amounts of attention.

One popular method for creating hispter artwork is to remix characters from history or pop culture. One can see this from the mustached C-3PO and the Dalai Lama who has an old-school boombox on this shoulder. Others have hipsterfied animals by giving them black-rimmed glasses and snapback hats.

Whether it's smoking a cigarette while not giving a damn, or wearing skinny ties and jeans, the characters in these hipster creations don't care what people think of them, which, in essence, is the foundation of all things hipster.