The Hipster Branding Blog Takes an Alternative Look at Company Symbols

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: hipsterbranding.tumblr
Hipster Branding is a visual blog that showcases what many current brand logos would like if created by hipsters. The universal term for a hipster is someone who is in a subculture, generally in there twenties and have an appreciation for indie rock and independent thinking. This does not necessarily mean they need to drink Starbucks, eat organic Kraft dinner and wear fedoras to qualify -- but it does help.

Hipster Branding parodies a wide variety of brands, from McDonald’s to Gillette. The blog has a very under-toned witty sense of humor about its re-designs, with many looking like they would fit perfectly onto an ironic t-shirt. Although many different designs and styles are covered, my personal favorite is KFC. Hipster Branding does more than simply showcase ironic images, it makes people realize the importance of a logo.